Friday, August 12, 2011

A special Day With My Son

 Her children shall rise up and call her blessed...
Pro 31:28 
What a special day I had with Christian our oldest son this week. 
He has been asking me for the past two months to take the bus with him 
and spend the day in town, just the two of us.
So off we went. Yes, we actually take a school bus. 
It is from Jefferson County to be exact. 
]Don't know where that is but it sounds pretty American to me. 
We then walked around the block a couple of times 
waiting for the post office to open and mail some letters. 
Everyone's post office is closed from 12-1:30pm for lunch aren't they?

Of course the best part of the day came when we went to lunch. 
Christian has wanted to take me to lunch since my birthday in June.
We had such a pleasant time together. We ate some wonderful
burritos texano with special salsa de pina y picante.
 Oh, I also had a cup of cafe con leche and he had a batida de fresa.
We just sat and ate and talked for about an hour. 
We talked about sports, politics, and Scripture. 
What a treat!

After that we walked to the store and got a couple of things for the house. 
And then to top of this wonderful day he treated me to some ice cream. 

I got a yummy sundae and Christian got a ....

 Scrumptious banana split!
How special is that!

Time for the bus ride home.

The other morning this dear child climbed in bed with me
and gave me such a beautiful compliment...
He said he wanted to marry someone just like his Mama.

 The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him.
Pro 20:7

 Praise Yah! Blessed is the man, Who fears יהוה, Who has greatly delighted in His commands.
Psa 112:1
What greater joy is there for a mother than to see 
her son following after our Father's heart.
One day this young man will be married and have a family of his own.
If he continues in seeking after the Father's ways 
I'm sure he will be a righteous man and husband.
Thank you my son for loving YHVH first and
thank you for treating your mother with such love.

tammy montanez
Servant of Yahshua, Wife to my partner-for-life and mother of 2