Friday, November 25, 2011

Over the River...

Psalms 46:1-4

1 Elohim is our refuge and strength, A help in distress, soon found.
2 Therefore we do not fear, Though the earth reels
And mountains topple into the heart of the seas.
Let its waters rage, foam; Let mountains shake with its swelling. Selah.
4 A river whose streams Make glad the city of Elohim,
The set-apart dwelling of the Most High.

How far do you have to go to bring the good news of our Messiah to others?
Well, for us to get to one of these homes, we had to do this:

We walked to El Duruy, a 1 hour walk, across a small river, down the mountain and across another river over a rickety suspension bridge. That's the normal walk to town. Our adventure continues...Then we had to cross a barbed-wire fence and walk through a cow pasture.
We never get bored of the beautiful views.
Just keep walking!

The 3 "Walkateers!"

Mom, contimplating how to cross the river. The boys are getting ready to remove their socks and put their boots back on to cross. BTW: Yes, I know, my mom has a bonnet and a headcovering on.
"Supposedly", one is a sunbonnet and one is a regular head covering...
Parts of the river are over our knees! Can you imagine when it rains!
This couple crosses the river every time they need to go out.

And get to their house!
Another very humble house in El Duruy.
Leave your shoes at the front door.
This is the house of Don Humberto and Dona Elena.
The lady of the house, Dona Elena. She is a very faithful woman and goes to the church every week.
She cooks and cleans for the church.  They have lived in the same place for almost 40 years!
She has 7 kids, 6 already grown and one still in the house. Check out the kitchen.
We gave her one of the aprons and headcovering that we had gotten from Sowers of Hope.
The ladies we give them to love them!
Click here for the link: Thanks Sowers of Hope!

My dad enjoying a well-deserved rest in a homemade hammock after the adventurous walk.

These "Slightly" annoying turkeys. They weren't very happy with the new faces(US!!) so they made lots,
and Lots and LOTS of noise to show their disapproval.

They were a very nice couple. They made us chicken soup with root veggies. Very YUMMY! They asked a lot of questions when we talked to them and they were very receptive to what we talked about in Scripture. Pray that the Ruach touched their hearts and that they learned something while we were there. They invited us to come over whenever we were "in the neighborhood".
Christian and Tammy Montanez
Servants and Emmisaries of Yahshua, Child of YHVH

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Extended Sukkot 2011

We had planned on having some familes over for Sukkot, but they couldn't. Why?

Yeah, that's why. It rained so hard that my dad could take a shower outside. No one could come up or down the mountain. Good news is, it stopped and dried up enough so that they could come.

We did the edible Sukkah's with them and some other crafts, as well as talked to them about Sukkot, where it is found in Scripture, and what it meant. Here are some pics:

Mom talking to the kids

Reading Scripture about Sukkot

Building the Sukkah's

Cute "buddyman".

Elizabeh, one of the girls that live close by

Look at those Sukkah's!

Celena, another of the girls



Get Ready?


Yes, they had a very good time, and yes the Sukkah's taste GOOD! They had a lot of fun doing it, and so did I. Pray that they learned and remember what we talked about with them.

Christian Montanez Dodd
Servant and Emmisary of Yahshua, Child of YHVH