Monday, December 31, 2012

Being a Blessing!

Shalom brothers and sisters in Messiah! 
We pray that you are all having a blessed time wherever you are and 
that YHVH will use you to be a part of the mission!

Here in Costa Rica we have been very blessed with everything that we have,
 and with that provision that YHVH through you has given, we have been able to bless others as well,
 not just with the physical needs but more importantly with the Spiritual needs as well. 
Not just to give but to give to open a door for the Truth. A BIG thank you to the McDaniel’s 
who have so graciously allowed us to stay at their house in Costa Rica all this time and use their car as well. Through them YHVH has been able to use us here and without their help it wouldn’t be possible.

Now, on to the pictures!

 Use15_thumb New Pictures 053
Please pray for this sweet elderly couple, Don Eulogio, Dona Genobeva, and the rest of their family. 
They have been very kind to us when we visit them. We have been able to talk with them about the 
Word as well as being able to bless them and their family with clothes, food, and more. Pray for their health, especially Don Eulogio’s, and pray that their daily needs will be met. They have several
 children and grandchildren staying with them as well, so pray that they will be able to 
grow in His Word and that they can be used for Yah’s glory.

We have also been blessed to meet this couple named Don Eulogio and Dona Benilda
 that live halfway down the mountain. We planted seeds in them a while back when doors 
had been opened in the church but then rejected the message of truth. They love to study the 
Word and have recently found out that what they were taught in their church didn't match up 
with what the Scriptures said.  We have been able to help them learn more, using with some
 of the teachings that are in the internet. There are some great ministries around but sadly 
most of them are not in Spanish. However, there are a couple of ministries beginning to
 translate their studies and teachings into Spanish. One of those ministries, as you can
 see by the pictures above, is 119 Ministries through their Spanish ministry called Examinalo Todo.
 Their studies have been a great help to many(us as well) because they are very easy to
 understand and more importantly use mostly Scripture references in their teachings.

However, Bro Eulogio and Sister Benilda have some needs. Do you see what’s wrong in the pictures? 
They aren't sitting down! Why? Because of the fact that they didn’t have almost any chairs 
and the ones that the did have where those flimsy plastic type that crack easily. For them 
it was fine but when company came it meant that there wouldn't be enough chairs to sit in…

Which brings us to the next part of this blogpost…

Use16_thumb3 Use17_thumb7
  Bro. Jesus was blessed to meet this young man named Don Lidier. What started out as 
just a couple of questions for his English class turned into a very big blessing for both him and Jesus.
 He loves to study, read, and learn about the Word of YHVH and wants to learn even 
more about anything and everything he can. Pray that his eyes will continue to be
 opened and that his wife and daughter can also come to the truth
Anyway, there is something else he does as well. He builds furniture! He has made all types
 of wood furniture, from cabinets to shelves, and even better, chairs. When we found out about this we 
knew just the man to call. What is really cool is that we blessed him with some money to build the chairs…

And then were able to give the chairs to Bro Eulogio and Sister Benilda! Isn’t it amazing
 how YHVH works? YHVH through you blesses us with the finances to be able to bless Don Lidier,
 who in turn builds us these chairs with which we are able to bless them, who in turn bless 
us back when we see their faces! And then, after it all, we say…


. 079 . 080
But we aren't done yet. This is  Don Eulogio and Dona Benilda’s ‘outhouse’. As you can see,
 it’s pretty much just  a old dirty hole in the ground. Bro Jesus asked Bro Eulogio what he 
would need to build a bathroom with a shower connected to their house. Don Eulogio told 
my dad it would cost over $450 to build it. Bro Jesus put these pictures on Facebook 
asking that if anyone felt led to give to be able to make them a new bathroom. And amazingly, within a week, YHVH through some of you gave almost all of what we needed to be able to build it! HalleluYAH!
 We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us and more importantly 
for others here in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Kabod-YHVH!(Glory to YHVH!)

Continue to pray for us here. We lack nothing but want to be able to provide even more 
others in need here. YHVH loves a joyful giver, and we want to be able to give even more 
on your behalf showing them brotherly love as the first assembly. PHILADELPHIA!  
Times are getting tough but this is when the light shines the brightest. Make sure your lamps 
are full of oil and that your light is shining in the midst of the darkness. May we continue to 
follow YHVH always and be able to share HIS Word with the rest of the World!

May YHVH El Shaddai multiply blessings on your account!

Until next time…

The Montanez Family
 Servants and Emissaries of Yahshua, Children of YHVH 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We were Invited...

Shalom brothers and sisters in Messiah! 
We pray that you are all having a blessed time wherever you are 
and that YHVH will use you to be a part of the mission!

Here in Costa Rica we have been very blessed. YHVH hasn’t just been providing through you, 
He has also been providing through the blessings of the fields. He has given us corn, beans, 
bananas, papayas, plantains, yucca(a root vegetable), and even more! 
One of these days soon we will have to show you all that YHVH has provided.

Last week, we were blessed to be able to be invited for a graduation here in Costa Rica.
 In Costa Rica the schools begin in February and end in early December. so 2 of the families 
that we know here invited us for their kids’ 6th grade graduation.

Here are some of the pictures of the graduation!
Mark 10:14b
“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the reign of Elohim. 
These children are graduating from Kindergarten and going into 1st grade.
Pray that these little ones can be able to learn about Messiah and stay away from the sins of this world. These are perilous times, were the adversary comes to seek, kill, and destroy, 
and as we see more and more often, he attacks the smallest ones 1st, 
because they do not have a real understanding of Messiah. That is why it is SO 
important to teach the Scriptures to your children at a very young age, because studies show
 that a large majority of people have made up their mind about Messiah by the time they turn 13 years old!

Use3 Use5
Psalms 127:3
Look, children are an inheritance from YHVH, the fruit of the womb is the reward. 
On the left picture, this young man named Adrian, and on the right picture, this young lady named Keberlyn. These 2 were the ones for whom we were invited for their graduation. 
In fact, Keberlyn had asked Tammy for 6 months if she was going to come to her graduation. 

Adrian’s mom, Dona Christina, giving him his graduation ring. 

Pueblo Nuevo, Costa Rica’s 6th Grade class of 2012.   

Use12  Use13
Christian and Tammy with Keberlyn.

Jesus praying for Adrian. 

Pray that these young man and young lady can be able to Walk and Talk as Messiah did. 
Pray that we will be able to continue ministering to them and their families and that they can
 continue to come to the REAL truth of Messiah and be able to learn more about the Scriptures, 
and pray that YHVH will be able to use them to share the Good News with their friends and family.

Until next time…

The Montanez Family 
Servants and Emissaries of Yahshua, Children of YHVH 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Truth Be Told

John 8:31-32
So Yahshua said to those Yehuḏim who believed Him,
 “If you stay in My Word, you are truly My taught ones, 
32 and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Praise YAH that He has shown us the REAL truth! About 4 years ago, we found this REAL truth.
It began when we were invited to go to Sukkot(Feast of Tabernacles) in Texas.
We were still 'Christians' at the time, so we just thought it would be a nice vacation.
But we were really wrong. When we got there and began talking to the people there,
we realized that there was something different(a lot different!) in what they were saying.
We were amazed in what they were saying and doing(like Shabbat, the Names, the feasts, etc.),
but we weren't convinced that they were right. In fact, when we came back from TX, my dad went into his Bible and his computer and wanted to show that they were wrong. Well, guess what happened??

Once we found out the truth we realized that we could no longer stay where we were in Florida,
and so we packed up our van, left Florida, and well, the rest is history!