Saturday, February 9, 2013

We have been(and are being) SO blessed!!

Shalom brothers and sisters in Messiah! We  pray that you all had a blessed
 Shabbat and that you were able to rest in YHVH´s Word. Just wanted to 
share a couple of pictures and something very special that we were able to be a part of. 

Now, on to the pictures!

For the better part of this week we had a VERY special guest stay with us. 
Her name is Tia Carmen from Nicaragua. She is the same elderly widow that 
had so graciously invited us to stay in her home when we went to Nicaragua in June. 
Here is the entire story of our trip that we took to Nicaragua:

Anyway, she came here and had a very blessed time discussing YHVH´s Word,
 as well as being blessed the whole time with food, love, and affection. She spent Shabbat night with us and was able to take part of Kiddush with us. She is a very dear part of 
our family and we pray that we will be able to have the provision 
to go to Nicaragua and visit her and the people there again.

We also had a very dear young lady named Angie come by. She is one of the young 
women that was recently baptized. Praise YHVH that she has continued to attempt
 to walk the walk and has been spending time with us here on the mountain, 
not just learning about the spiritual things, but also about the physical things as well, including how to cook(which by the way, is kinda IMPORTANT in any Hispanic country LOL).  

And right now we have a family with us! They are Don Harold, Doña Lourdes, and their family. 
They came early today on Shabbat and are staying overnight. Pray that they will be touched 
by the Word that we bring them and that YHVH will change their hearts.


Lastly, we want to share with you something VERY special that we were a part of. 
We were part of this AMAZING new magazine
 called HarvestMag which was created by 2 AWESOME cousins.

 Here is how HarvestMag got started:
Who we are and how we got started…
HarvestMag is a non-profit, quarterly magazine founded by Zachary Bruno and Sonja Langford. Both of us have had a great desire to start our own magazine for several years, but it wasn’t until September 2012 that the desire sprouted into reality. HarvestMag began one weekend with nothing more than a passion fueled by the Father and two young people desiring to further His kingdom. We were blessed with amazing support and input from our families, and after many 3 hour phone calls and Skype sessions, HarvestMag began to take shape.
There were several reasons we wanted to start a magazine. The biggest and most important reason is that we just didn’t believe there were any “Messianic” youth magazines which spoke about the real life issues facing today’s youth. The youth of today, just like all youth in previous generations, are not interested in having beliefs and Biblical standards “spoon-fed” to them. We believe young people like ourselves mature much faster and are more capable of a deeper understanding of the Scriptures than our society gives us credit for. We also believe that one of our greatest strengths as young people is that we are always seeking the truth and challenging things that are told to us. However, without a solid foundation and a strong faith, there is no reason for young people to set the insight they gain on Saturday (Shabbat) as a guiding standard for the rest of the week. This leads us to our mission.
 You can read more about their mission with this magazine and what is their vision for it,
including to prayerfully having HarvestMag in print form by 2014! Anyway,
 it´s absolutely amazing what they are doing and we were so blessed to be a part of that 1st issue.
Here is an excerpt from Brother Jesus´s interview with HarvestMag:

 - Do you have any words of wisdom that you feel young people really need to hear?
The Messianic Way should be a movement for the youth that occupies their mind 
on how to help and minister to others like Messiah would. To motivate others to
 walk the walk and become emissaries of YHWH. It should be the cool thing to
 reject the falsehood we inherited from our fathers for the Truth and radical lives of Messiah’s likeness.

I remember Jeremiah when YHWH told him:
Jeremiah 1:7 And YHVH said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am a youth,
 but go to all to whom I send you, and speak whatever I command you.

Messiah told us that we have to be like little children, so to enter the Kingdom
 is not a matter of age. His relationship is established on Trust and Truth. 
If young people establish a relationship based on His Word of Truth and 
trust to follow His instructions then the fruit will be shown and they will show
 a testimony that not only will be light and salt but a testimony that will 
bring adults to shame in their walk. Then they will say “from the mouth of babes”.

You GOTTA read it!! To read the interview, the rest of the magazine, and to give words of encouragement and ideas on how to make HarvestMag better(if it COULD be ANY better!!) go to:

May YHVH bless them SO much, and may YHVH bless you too!! Please pray for our support offering to increase in time for our next schedule exit of the country to Panama and the Biblical Feasts of Abba.

Until next time...

The Montañez Family
Servants and Emissaries of Yahshua, Children of YHVH