Wednesday, May 28, 2014

6 Days, 6,000 Years: A key to Biblical Prophecy?

 An excerpt:
Shalom (peace)! I pray that our Father in Heaven gives you 
His Shalom today and that He will use you for His glory!
If you have read my first article, Why I believe in a literal 7 day, 24 hour creation period, you will learn why I believe that the earth was made in six literal 24-hour days and that on the 7th day YHVH, the creator of heaven and earth, rested from His work. However, there are a lot of people that question this (even among believers today), and it is something that no matter how long I explain or how much evidence there is, as long as they believe that way there is nothing that can make them change. The only one that can change their hearts and minds is YHVH, and all I can do is show the information and pray that YHVH opens their eyes to the truth...

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