Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gathered Together!

In the middle of so much happening in the news both in IsraEl and in the diaspora YHWH sets his people apart in His Shalom! This last sukkot was awesome even when only two families were gathered in the farm we call home. We have reached the locals years before but road conditions and rejection to the Torah made it impossible this time. Even when we thought it was almost impossible YHWH brought mispacha to be with us. Oh what a blessing! We shared and shared. 10 days to remember. As Abba brings His Bride together no matter how far we saw a picture of end times in this appointed time. As far as we were a few weeks before all was resumed to an appointed time in a mountain. Yerushalayim is called His Kadosh (Holy) Mountain. They lived in a mountain and we are set apart on a mountain. Montana comes from the word in Spanish Montaña and our last name is Montañez or Son of the Mountain. From here we pray He count us faithful to bring us to His Kadosh Mountain. We felt like on the 8th day a New Beginning was about to start. Since then we have heard news of new doors Abba could open for us. What an expectation of greater things to come! HalleluYAH! Our son was transformed and has shown a transformation since sukkot. Inspired, recharged, with hope and vision. May we also become what YHWH desires us to be. 

As we await for Abba to gather us we say Bo Mashiach Bo! Bo Ishi Bo! His Shalom is coming!

Hos 14:4-9  “I shall heal their backsliding, I shall love them spontaneously, for My displeasure has turned away from him.  “I shall be like the dew to Yisra’ĕl. He shall blossom like the lily, and cast out his roots like Leḇanon.  “His branches shall spread, and his splendour shall be like an olive tree, and his fragrance like Leḇanon.  “Those who dwell under his shadow shall return. They shall revive like grain, and blossom like the vine, and become as fragrant as the wine of Leḇanon.   “What more has Ephrayim to do with idols? It is I who answer and look after him. I am like a green cypress tree, your fruit comes from Me.” Who is wise and understands these words, discerning and knows them? For the ways of יהוה are straight, and the righteous walk in them, but the transgressors stumble in them. 

No matter where you are, FEAR NOT YISRA'EL! YHWH ELOHIM is with you! He scattered us and He will gathered us. Time of Teshuvah in Love of our Bridegroom. If you love Me keep My commandments....

In Shalom under our chupa waiting for our Bridegroom.

Worked together after the tree fell on our driveway. Always something to remember every year from this season. Flat tire, weather, power failure, ect but the most important is the sweet time together. We visited a friend and had tasty lamb and root vegetable soup. We Saw a little bird singing on the Roses a sweet song of Victory heard Kilometers away. ;)  HalleluYAH!

The two young ladies have never been to the sea. Praise YHWH for all the firsts.

Time to say להתראות---Lehitraot! :( Till we meet again Mispocha!

May YHWH bless you and keep you...May we see each other again! Praying that the shalom that surpasses all understanding covers you everywhere you lech lecha. 

Rev_22:17  And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And he who hears, let him say, “Come!” And he who thirsts, come! And he who desires it, take the water of life without paying!