Pictures of Costa Rica

Here are some of the pictures of the people and places here in Costa Rica:

The maaan, Rohan :')
A young girl down the road
One of our brothers in Messiah, Don Samuel
What are you looking at?
The local kids and Christopher
Mom and Doña Nacilda, a sweet elderly lady who lives across the street. 

Another one comes to the door. Using tzitziot to witness to the children and locals.
Cute Lorien sleeping...
Mom and Rohan "the Maaannn"
Enjoying the afternoon conversation with Doña Nacilda.
Seems like petrified wood! The nails would not hammer into those ancient timbers!
Now Doña Nacilda has a gate she can finally open and close easily.
My dad witnessing to the Nicaraguan lady who was trying to sell us hammocks.
This picture was NOT easy to take. The kayak rocks back and forth a lot. It's fun though. :')

Last night Suzanne, myself(Mrs.Tammy) and the girls were outside dancing, which we hadn't for a couple of weeks. 
After coming inside for awhile Christopher noticed some people were staring inside our window from across the street.
They were just staring and staring. 
Christian walked out and saw them then walked back inside. Jesus was in the bathroom and heard us talking. 
He finally came out and went outside. Come to find out they are Torah Observant Costa Ricans! 
They saw us dancing and knew they had to talk to us. They stood outside until someone came out. 
As soon as he saw Jesus's Tzitziot he grabbed a hold of them! His daughter said she heard the shofar 
earlier and thought it was the "second" coming! Praise YHVH! We handed out 8 sets of tzitziot to them. 
YHVH works in amazing ways, doesn't He?

My mom and dad, so very happy. Love you guys!!

Rohan with Dona Lorena the last day we were in Sabilito
Leaving Sabilito, we passed the Arenal Volcano. See the smoke?
The tired moving group the day we got to El Duruy
After we all unpacked, this is what it looked like up in the McDaniel's room
A organized MESS!
The Fridge with Mrs. Suzanne's pictures all over it
Our Bodega is getting there!
During Yom Teruah 2011, we invited some people from El Duruy.
Most of the men sitting on a homemade bench
Most of the women sitting in chairs or benches
Dancing like David Danced!
Father Abraham!
Another very fun song!
 My mom making Tzitziot with some children in Nicaragua.

Our precious family!

 Dona Blanca

 Helping re-build Dona Blanca's home

 My dad teaching a group of people in Nicaragua

Celebrating Yom Teruah and Sukkot 2012!

Don Oscar and Brother Jesus
Sister Tammy with one of our lambs.
Brother Jesus and Sebastian
Sister Tammy, Doña Carmen, and Brother Jesus

Will put more pics as we go along. Blessings!

The Montanez Family
Servants and Emmisaries of Yahshua